Breakfast 9:30- 11:30


Toast with butter & jam

or marmalade 2.20


Poached Eggs on toasted French bread


5.50 or with…


Mushrooms 6.50

Streaky bacon 7.50

Back bacon 8.00

Smashed avocado 7.50


Bacon Sandwich 5.50


Mushrooms on toast 5.50



Coffee & Tea

Espresso            2.00

Americano             2.50

Cappuccino            2.70

Latte                2.70

Flat White            2.70

Mocha dark/white choc           3.00/3.30

Hot Chocolate dark/white choc        3.00/3.30


Pot of Tea for one        2.40


Breakfast / Earl Grey / Darjeeling

Jasmine Green Tea / Peppermint

Camomile / Lemon & Ginger.


Cakes and Croissants

Plain Croissant  2.50

Almond Croissant 3.00

Slice of Cake Ask your server for todays selection 3.00

(add a scoop of ice cream for 1.00 or a jug of cream 0.50)

Lunch 12:00 - 16:00


Jan’s Quiche & Salad 

Ask for today’s quiche flavours 9.50

Smashed Avocado & Halloumi 

on griddled Peter Cooks bread with salad 9.00


Hake Goujons

 Homemade Hake goujons served with French fries and crushed peas 13.00


Best Dressed Bowl 

Roasted butternut squash, tomatoes, fennel, and peppers combined with balsamic dressed puy lentils, spinach, parsley & avocado. 8.50

“Loving the Beet” Burger

 Homemade beetroot burger served with salad and fries 10.00

Steak Sandwich 

with balsamic roasted tomatoes, salad leaves & French fries 12.00


Stuffed Field Mushrooms

Field Mushrooms stuffed with Roquefort, spinach & garlic, served on toasted granary bread with a salad. 8.00



See board or ask your waiter for today’s specials

With  Love  La Madeleine